Chapelhouse Persian Rescue


We have amalgamated...

Efforts to assist Persians and pedigree cats in the UK are now being undertaken only in conjunction with another U.K.based Persian rescue, starting on 23rd June, 2017.

As such, all work is carried out under the other Rescue's brand, and CPR's own website is surplus to requirements. After 17 years of trading as a rescue in its own right, we thank all the volunteers, donors, and beautiful Persians who crossed our path.

Sometimes, it is better to join forces with someone and not make a song and dance about it--yes, everyone is asking which other rescue we mean, and actually that is irrelevant.

I am happy to help out at an advisory level and wish all U.K. Persian rescues masses of fluff-filled success!

If ever we do need to reach our former supporters, this will be done via the Facebook page. However, for the most part, that too will be dormant unless our involvement with this other rescue brings a need for its resurrection. For now, the Facebook page is inactive but can be brought back to life on demand.

For now, goodbye and happy fluffballing!

23 June, 2017

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