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We were established in 2000 and rehome Persian cats and pedigree cats across the UK. 


 Photo: The late Mungo, Chapelhouse mascot and devoted Parcel Inspector.


ADVERTISED on 26th February, 2017

ADOPT  a pair of stunning oldies... 

These girls are twelve and in Rugeley, Staffordshire, with excellent owners who need to move overseas. They need a great home together. They are in good health, see the vet every few months for beauty treatments and checks, and--despite their ages--look amazing, don't they? 

They are neutered but unvaccinated as they are indoors and a 'closed colony,' meeting no cats. 

Please don't ask the usual daft question about how long old cats will live, or make enquiries if you have older-cat-o-phobia. We love oldies!!

It's the 'how long is a piece of string' thing... the odds for YOUNG Persians, however, are worse than for oldies, since oldies are toughies!! : ) Any Persians that make it to seniority have shown their resilience and that they haven't fallen prey to all the dire illnesses that claim young Persians. You could just as easily adopt 2x kittens or young purebred cats, and have them die in the next few years. Please also don't enquire if you only want one, however cute the one may look to you! You can see from the photos, that these cats are always together.
Here is their write-up from the owner:

Peruna (blue-cream):

I am the princess of the two.and I love being carried around. I would let you groom me all day and love being pampered. I love my mommy and sleeping by her side; I go to bed and sleep by my owners' feet all night. I'm definitely the one who loves company. 
I love to sit and watch the world go by , I always come across as the clumsy, helpless one but don't be fooled, I will have you carry me and pick me up all day but secretly can jump where I want. I will sit with you in the garden on a bench but hate my fur to blow so won't go outside for long. Chatting to you is what I like best and soon let you know I'm  hungry. Royal Canin wet pouch for breakfast, nibbles during the day and tuna for dinner is what I love. We also love a little cheese as a treat.
I have cold water to drink, no milk as I'm lactose intolerant .I prefer a quiet life and need to stay with Boo. I hate going to the vets but understand I have to keep my claws and health in check.

Betty Boo (known as Boo, cream):

I like my own company and sleep in my favourite bed in the warm bedroom, I'm more independent than Peruna and jump around. I like to follow people around. I like to sleep in wardrobes and boxes, and love lying on a bench in the sun.
I eat the same as Peruna but don't make such a fuss as she does when I'm hungry. But I like to wake you in the morning for a fuss. I get a little more stressed in a cage and when I move I will hide for a day or too but I will come out when I'm ready and hungry.
I understand I have to be combed I'm not as keen but I always purr throughout. Not keen on having my eyes cleaned and mommy puts me in the bathroom so I don't escape. I have to admit I look beautiful after!
Please keep us together through our old age.

If interested, complete the Enquiry Form in the Adopt Section! You can also reserve them by visiting the website's shop and making payment for the adoption fee there. If your application is accepted, you will receive an email accordingly and an appointment will be made for you to visit the owners and the cats. If we reject the application, it will be explained and the fee will be refunded.

Their adoption fee is £150 for the pair and you must keep the cats together, offer a quiet home and have extensive Persian experience. The cats haven't mixed with other felines but if you are a confident integrator and have quiet, calm Persians, we can consider you. The preference is a home without other pets. There must be no children under 10 in the home please, and no visiting babies or toddlers.

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